With the development of economic globalization, the contact between countries increasingly closer and closer, and the transport means also develops more and more fast, all of these have pushed the spread of culture between countries, food culture is also in mutually permeating between countries, you can eat delicious Chinese dumplings in Chinese restaurant in the streets of New York, also can taste the palatable steak in Beijing's western restaurant. Speaking of steak, the habit of eating beef first came from Europe, in the middle ages of Europe, pork and mutton is the meat for common people, beef is the senior meat that only the nobility can eat, and honored beef is to be cooked together collocated pepper and other spices that also enjoy honorable status, and served on special occasions, in order to reveal the honorable status of master. Pepper is essential in steak cooking, commonly it is used as pepper particles or pepper powder. In ancient times of the European valuable pepper is often used as collateral or even currency, and in the spice trade, pepper is the main products of the trade. According to the monetary value to calculate, pepper is the most extensive spices economic crops of the world trade, in 2002 pepper imports accounts for 20% of the world spices imports. Through the different processing methods the fruit and the seeds of pepper can be produced as black pepper, white pepper, green pepper and red pepper. 80% of the world pepper total export is black pepper, 15%-20% for white pepper, about 1% of green pepper.

Black pepper is made of immature pepper berries. First put berries in hot water and cook for a moment, to the clean surface and prepare for drying. For the next few days, berries would be put under the sun exposure or in a drying machine. Wrapped the skin of seed will gradually become black and contract because of fungi reaction in the process, eventually become a thin wrinkle layer. After the drying process, the product is black pepper. Usually completely ripe pepper berries are used to produce white pepper, soaks the berries in the tub about a week, during this time the flesh will be soft and rot gradually. Through the friction remove the pulp residue, the next procedure is dry the bare seed. Pepper powder and pepper particles are grinded by the pepper milling machine. In the market there are pepper powder on sale, handheld pepper mill can grind or crush pepper or grind pepper automatically. As early as the 14th century in Europe people had used spices grinder as pepper grinder in the kitchen, but the early before people used mortar and pestle to grind pepper as common method. Till now the handheld grinder becomes less applicable, we have produced more convenient pepper milling grinder, using pepper machine we can produce lots pepper powder, pepper powder made out by pepper milling machine keeps the flavor of pepper.

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