As an ideal equipment livestock breeding,feed pellet mill is the key point of making qualified feed. Feed pellet mill has an important meaning in feed maturation, increasing nutrition, increasing absorption, killing bacteria, storage transport, commodity conversion, reducing cost, saving resources, adapting to the animals chewing function, animal husbandry breeding high yield and high efficiency. So it is clear that having a good knowledge of feed pellet mill and common sense of proper maintenance is the guarantee of improving the yield and quality of the feed.

1. Grinding before use. Because the mould pinch roller of Small Pellet Mill is mostly a heat treatment, after workstage as planning, drilling, milling, quenching, there are many burr inner bore or surface, influence the effect and the production, so a new feed pellet mill(or replacement of the complete sets) before using, must be reasonable ground fully. Of the flat die pellet mill, generic grinding method is to adjust the gap between pressure wheel and template for 0-0.2 mm after put 5 kg bran, 7 kg oil, 25 kg fine river sand mixed evenly (also available soybean direct extrusion) in the starting machine, make the rotation of the pinch roller and the template can squeeze pellet. Repeated extrusion for 10-15 minutes then put raw materials into normal production. And if it is for ring die feed pellet mill, the grinding machine measures is to increase data in proportion, use the adapter plate in the pellet mill of adjust the running gap between pressure wheel and ring die for 0-0.2 mm, repeatedly extrusion for 10 to 30 minutes then commissioning run.

2. The grass meal and moisture content configuration. To ensure the quality and yield, grass meal content of flat die pellet mill use had better not more than 95%, ring die pellet mill use not more than 65%, because the higher the toppings content, the lower the output will be, and the input-output ratio will disorders, the production efficiency will be at a discount greatly. If joining grass meal, for the sake of material evenly and fully quickly squeezing out granular feed, must add appropriate moisture (about 2-8%) to adjust, then the dust content of feed could be and reduced. That is, despite the environmental factor, the overall moisture content for Pellet Mill Manufacturer should be 13-20%, ring die pellet mill in 14-19% is relatively appropriate. The so-called dry into dry out means to squeeze pure grain material in the country food storage standard moisture range(13-15.5%), this is a kind of publicity, if wheat bran and grass meal are added, raw material moisture needs to be adjusted to work regularly.

3. The key work before and after closing down. Put a little bran mixed with edible oil in the machine and close down after suppression of 20-50 seconds when the materials pressing is coming to an end, make die hole full of fuel, so that the next time feed pellet mill can commissioning run as soon as possible, this can both maintenance mold and save time. Loose pressure wheel to adjust screw and remove residual material after closing down.