In the ancient times of China, wheat processing method has been conformed to modern powder technology standard. Stone roller was used at the very beginning in western countries, the wheat flour was sieved after grinding, and the windmill was used as driving force. 17th century, the Britain began to use a hydraulic drive two millstone. 18th century Hungary created steel mill. The flour mill factory which first applied roller flour mill was established in 1823, the wheat powder mechanization and continuous production was first realized in Poland. To 20th century, roller grinding mechanism powder technology had spread successively in the countries all over the world, and gradually developed into classified powder producing, repeated screening powder new technology. China introduced roller grinding machine and established some flour factories in the coastal regions in the late nineteenth century. After the year of 1949, the flour mills gradually moved to raw material origin of wheat. By 1978 the number of flour mills had reached more than 3000, flour yield was 23.4 times than that in 1949. The varieties of wheat flour grows more specific step by step.

You must think about many things, details and ensemble, before your money leave you. A good grain mill is adjustable at any time, of high flour products fineness, need not to accompany with special sieving machines. All the flour machine parts is made of the special wear-resisting material or hard alloy, wear-resisting performance is good, replacement parts is of low cost and easy to obtain, conform to the hygiene standards. Generally, the body of the flour machine is not made of casting material, welded the steel plate, in addition to special cutting function, inside the flour machine a sorting device is needed, crushed material by the flow function will be sorted by the sorting device, sorting device is usually replace the crushing equipment sieve, can finish fine crushing and micro powder sorting processing two working procedure at the same time, once into powder without slag, the rate of end product is 100%. The anti-block and clearing material function ensures the normal operation and automatic cleaning and crushing a variety of different materials. Mixing evenly, process wheat into flour without residue and circulation crushing, can guarantee the various components of the homogeneous water content. Flour machine can feeding materials with any size, need not crushing can be directly into the machine, and can adapt to all kinds of material of different water content, do not need to match drying equipment. The quality of flour processing machinery affects the quality of wheat flour directly. Then you konw why you are suggested to buy flour milling machine from reliable manufacturers. Flour processing technology is simple, you can operate it on your own. As the flour is edible, keep your flour processing place clean and tidy.