Pellet machine is the professional mechanical equipment which can make biological materials into high density and fine combustible pellets. Biomass materials possess cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin whose structure are relatively loose and low density. When the raw materials are pressed by the pellet mill machine, they will go through rearrange position, mechanical and plastic deformation. During the pellet making process, the wind and twisting between the viscoelastic cellulose molecular make the volume increase and density reduce. Actually we can see biological material everywhere in our daily life such as sawdust, peanut shell, corn stalks, straw, cotton stalks, branches, mushroom waste, peanut shell, rice hull, cow dung and so on, it seems that the biological materials are waste, but they can be recycled by a pellet mill machine. Now it is easy to see the reason why we need a pellet mill. It can use wood, bamboo, peanut shell, rice husk and stalks to make pellets without any additives.

Suppose you have a good pellet mill, what can you do with it? The answer is so many. You can make pellet fuel if you have related raw materials like wood chips, sawdust, and corn stalk and so on. You can use your useful fuel pellets for heating in winter or you can sell them to your neighbors. You can also make feed pellets for your pet or livestock. For making feed pellets you will need straw, grass, corn grain, rice husk and so forth. Feed pellet is delicious for livestock. And the pellets are easy to store and convenient to transport for the same length and size. There are the small home use mills and then there are the big commercial varieties, and spare parts for replacement, they are available on the internet.

What equipment one buys will depend on one's needs. However, for the brand name, one has to choose carefully so that they can get all the perks mentioned above. It is also important that one knows the parts that they have to make sure are available in their machine. Check the reputation of the manufacturer so that you can know whether it is credible. You also have to look for design concepts that can be used worldwide and that can use spare parts from other brand names. Do not invest until you find the most reliable company. There are so many benefits of the pellet press. We can use biomass pellets and save other fuels such as wood, coal and gas. Commercial pellet machines and home use ones are all easy to run for people with a user manual. You can profit with good pellet mill and good raw materials.

Next article will talk about pellet making machines and pellet fuel maker.